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August 03, 2009



Well, you most certainly could blog about how Aliens really DO exist. Or you could blog about how the really Don't exist!

(I believe they exist, but doubt they are visiting us lol)


How about the unseen trampoline magically appearing!


Nah, how Mc. donalds actually turned out to be owned by a mad scientist, and has been poisoning the world, plus, how that poison will kill everyone in the universe by 2012, friday the 13th, is FAR better a topic than magically appearing trampolines... Though, please tell me the times, and locations of it's arrivals - I could use a bit of fun...


Write about Paula Abdul and how she just "quit" Idol (after they neglected to offer her a contract and everything). Is it part of a larger Hollywood conspiracy? Or just one of the pitfalls of showing up for your job half-baked?


Trampolines: what are the perils? Can you scramble your brains in your head by jumping too much? How can you avoid such a messy end? Do they make seatbelts for brains?

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