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August 05, 2009


the 2012aholic

I absolutely need to read that guy's book ASAP. We should invite him to live with us so he can quit his job and have plenty of time to write it before 2012. It's going to have a chapter on UNICORNS!!!1!21@1

Your Uncle

You know.... if the world doesn't end in 2012, that'll prove that there's no such thing as global warming...


No, it'll prove that people who hold there breath for a certain date where all hell will supposedly break loose, they are not very intelligent.

Your Uncle

I have it on good authority that Hugh Jackman thinks the world will end in 2012..... sad, no?


Is Hugh going to pull the plug in 2012?


I totally agree! In fact, not too long ago, people thought the apocalypse would bee in 2000! Pretty soon, the world will be ending in 2020, and after that the world will face it's doom in 2050, lol. (No offense to you doomsday believers!) Wen it comes to dying, our world likes to be veeeeerrrryyyy tardy.

Speaking of tardy, I'm sorry I haven't blogged/commented in a while... I get lost in the things that I am doing... I'll try to comment more often!


Sorry about those typos, I forgot to fix them.. Heheheheh....

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