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July 18, 2009



Mysteriously a picture of Daniel Radcliffe is in my blog pictures folder...



I liked HP6 a lot. Some of the things they left out were murky parts of the book's plot anyway, such as that fight scene in the halls of Hogwarts. I think you've got a good point - they couldn't include everything (or everybody).


I thought they did a pretty good job out of the movie this time. I enjoyed the new emotional direction it takes and i def think that the acting has improved, now that Radcliff and Grint have grown into their roles more. You are right, its hard to cram everything into 2.5 hours though, so big details are missing. My advice: read the books beforehand!

Also, for fun, this is a cool quiz to do for those who think they already know everything there is to know about Harry Potter:

its actually quite hard! =)


It was a thoughtful concentration of essential plot points. However, I would kill to see Fudges humiliation in front of the British Prime Minister.

I really liked this movie even with what was left out.


Correction! I am not family and I read your blog! (Or... Am... I..?) I am just quite busy lately.....


I personally am STILL griping over all the stuff they left out (In my head of course lol), in fact, to add to your list, Crab, and Goyle were not in this ONCE.

What about when they used polyjuice potion to distract Harry, Hermione, and Ron from the room of requirement!

lol, anyways... Anyways nothing, I think my comment ends here. (Or... Does... It..?) DUN DUN DAHHHNNN (A bit hyper today lol)


Yes, yes you are. And the reason why they didn't have Crabbe or Goyle was because I think one of them was caught with drugs. I think it was the guy who played Crabbe. I don't know why Goyle wasn't in it. But I never thought they were very good characters anyway.


Hee hee! I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince again today. It turns out that Crabbe and Goyle both WERE in the movie. Goyle was sitting in the booth next to Malfoy on the Hogwarts train, while they were going to the school. And Crabbe was seen at the Slytherin table, looking stupid. I didn't see them the first time, either.


Geiodo's right that MANY of the sub-plots were missing. I sort of wanted to see a few of them acted out. Especially Weasley Is Our King and Tonks mooning over Lupin. (Heh.)


Great eye bunny!

*Watches again* Nothing.
*Watches again* Nothing.
*367,091 watches later* Still nothing.... >:F

Indeed "mom", indeed! THough, the mooning I could live without - and I did! Last night I thought of yet ANOTHER thing missing, but I can no longer remember it... It will probably pop back out in another... Hour or so?


You're so funny! When you think of it, tell me and I'll go back and see the movie again to find it and prove you wrong.


I shall never! ...Never what? Who am I? Oh yeah, I'm bunny! Oh wait...

(The real comment):

Thanks bunny!

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