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June 15, 2009



Did my comment go into spam....?


I like your new template


That is way cool!!

stgulik <-- me, on Neopets

NO WAY! I didn't think it was really possible to wake the Turmaculus, though we faithfully stopped by and tried it all these years. Hilarious. I think you deserved way more than 350 NP.


what time and date was it that he woke up? try to find out the pattern...maybe you could help out other neopet lovers who have been trying for years. (MEEEEE!!) And seriously, you must have been bummed to have gotten SO VERY LUCKY and woke him up, then only have 350 NP. oh and, everyone look me up. my username is Metalluxray8910. my shop is AMAZING RIGHT NOW!!!! (credit to 721pikachu for buying everything in my shop and giving me 33,000 NP) PLZ CHECK IT OUT!!!

721pikachu <--- this is my neopets username!!!!

thanx metalluxray8910. i did it all for the Money Tree jacking cheats. XD XD

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