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This cracks me up. Thank you! Beast tithe... hee.

(Yesteday was my parent's 40th anniversary--they were married in 06/06/1966--Gah!)


Excellent. Simply excellent.


If I do say so, these are so brilliant that you simply cannot tell the difference between Pam and myself. We truly became ONE on this effort (even though I think we had pieced these together at random times and often quite separately from one another).

666: Palindrome of the Beast
66 Whatever: The Clueless Beast
66Aargghh: The Beast During Electro-Shock Treatment

Contrary to rumor, I did not run off with the Hollywood action star of choice. If so prompted, I will relate the entire sordid chain of events which landed me in the hospital. Warning: not for the squeamish!
But if anyone knows how to get Howie to stop calling and sending embaraasing flowers, I'd appreciate the info!

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