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This is really good!! You should send it off to Aaron Spelling right away, and give Adam the word up.


No, don't let anyone see it! Given the (true) vulgarity of the current film markeplace it'll be in a multiplex sooner than you can say "Opera Man" or "Happy Gilmore"!
But while we're at it, anyone want to make some casting choices:

The Skipper: John Goodman of course (or maybe the guy from "King of Queens")

Mary Ann: Sandra Bullock (or is she too old now)?

Ginger: Milla Jovovich

Mr. Howell: James Garner

Mrs. Howell: Judi Dench

The Professor: Alan Rickman or the guy who was Jodi Foster's dad in "Contact"

Maybe Harold Ramis to direct. Throw in a sunny Carribean-flavored Alan Mencken score and bingo!: A "Gilligan's Island" that might almost be toerable (if it weren't for AS)!


If it's Adam as Gilligan, then it's Drew as Maryann. Sorry, but Adam is quite adamant on that point, and has even specified it in his contract. Everybody else has to be a lesser b.o. draw than Adam. Oh, and don't worry about the finishing touches on the script - every Adam movie must follow the Adam movie ideal, which may only spring forth fully-formed from Adam's skull.


This isn't a film project, it's a roller-derby marathon hosted by the Braille Institute!


I've been thinking about that last remark for a day now. And I still don't know ... what does it mean?


I think you fully understand what I was trying to say but in the spirit of Adam Sandler you're chanelling complete (and fake) ignorance.
So once again:

Roller Derby: a fast-paced, potentially dangerous game played on skates in elliptical rink...
The Braille Institute: where "visually-challenged people" learn to pretend they can interpret those goofy dots you see in state and Federal buildings...
Adam Sandler's "Gilligan's Island": the metaphorical equivalent to a roller-derby marathon sponsored by the Braille Institute...
Do I need to do this again?

JP Aclan

Nice script! I think it will do great not only in the movies but also in a T.V Sitcom!


A-sides, why mess with a good thing? B-sides, having good writers is one thing, so I say get an original concept.
I'm not dissin' any o' y'all, just try somethin' that hasn't been thought of or done yet.


This is priceless! Somewhere in your youth or childhood, you must have watched too many last halves of Gilligan's Island.

Your mother

John Williford

Please do not make the script stupid in a way that would make fun of the original show or degrade it. Example would be the Brady Bunch movies. It did nothing but poke fun of the original show. I do not like any of the caracters using profanity of any kind. They did not in the orginial show and I think that it can be done without it in the movie.

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