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This is really good satire. I have always been amused-in an angry, cynical way, by the attempts to get my personal info by email.


So far beyond genius that it comes perilously close to rear-ending idiocy from the other side of the talent/stupidity interchange.

PS--I'll gladly give you all my coinfidential banking info provided you melt that OTHER robot--the six-foot metal drag queen--into interesting and chic bric-a-brac for my Endor condo. And for God's sake, no Jawas, Sand People or that disgusting Hutt person at the reception this time. The cleaning doids are still sending me nasty emails about them....


Snort guffaw snort snort

Maybe the rebels were funding it all with drug money! It's as if millions of voices screamed out and suddenly! Were silenced!


You really have outdone yourself, you brilliant girl.

You must do what you think is right, of course.


I, for one, am not fooled. You are obviously the Ugandan who stole all my money. I will not be tricked again. I will hunt you down to reclaim what is mine as soon as I can afford the gas money.


Funny-funny. But... your spelling and grammar are too accurate for a real Nigerian scam letter!

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