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February 12, 2010



Catching up with you. Mr. Bean as the Avatar~! Ha ha!


that wouldn't be pat bean-atar, would it? speaking of time travel?


"Pat Bean-atar": good god, I wish i'd thought up that one...
Did Neil Blomkamp (District 9: GREAT movie) rip off A-Tar or did Jimbo rip him and Producer Peter Jackson off at lunch in Johannesberg back in 200_? The two stories are almost identical (inconsequential white guy finds the true meaning of his humanity while living inside an alien civilization). It could go either way...
Also, having watched all of LOTR as weekend therpay while OTHER therapy goes on, I was struck by the thought: wouldn't Sauron have done MUCH BETTER if he had, instead of investing in creepy buildings, flying lizards and cheap orc labor, spent money of PROFESSIONAL MILITARY TRAINING for his troops, who seem undisciplined, clueless and always ready to panic when faced with either mounted cavalry or Undead armies. A handful of former East German commandos calling the shots at Baradur and they'd all be speaking Nazgul in Middle Earth!

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