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January 14, 2010



It's strange: moody tweenage vampire romances sell like falafel pops, but were one to write a similar tale about a sensitive, moody highschool girl who falls in love with a mysterious (and rotting) tweenage zombie the publishers and studios would likely not be knocking on your door.
Are zombies this year's Prius or next year's in-demand Bobby Flay eatery?


You just described the plot of Edward Scissorhands! (Albeit without the bit about rotting.)


But, alas, "rotting" is as central to all zombie tales as wands are to HP or acid blood is to Aliens.
Speaking of which (peripherally) isn't it time for a Village People/"Avatar" tie-in hit tune called (approximately) "In The Na'Vi" to hit the airwaves and MP3s of our great land?
Has Celine D been notified as well?

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