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November 06, 2009



Oh pish: anyone can consume $35,000 worth of alcohol in one sitting (frats do it every weekend). The HARD part is rationalizing the $12 glasss of water. Even on Madison Avenue... And you know how difficult is to find a good truffled carpaccio these days for under $150 a pop. I blame Obama.


Kim Jung Il and a Sleestak: I know what I want for Christmas! (Hint Hint!)
As far as Ultimate Wesley-Weirdness goes, I always opt for otherwise sensible (and married with children) astronomer/author/blogger Phil PLait gushing about his "mancrush" on Wil Wheaton. Makes you wonder about those long, lonely nights in the observatory...
And speaking of saving the universe, where the hell was Wesley during the ENTIRE Bush adminstration?? Hmm??


Oppie and his cigarette!

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