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September 15, 2009



You'll be missed--but I totally support you! I'll catch you on Twitter. Sometimes you need a break!

Your mother

I think you should serialize your report on a fiscal analysis of volunteer firefighting. Kind of like a cliffhanger at the end of each post.


Mom, you might be editing the firefighter paper in a month's time. Then you'll understand why it must not be unleashed upon the innocent.


It's me isn't it? I knew it would end this way: some mammal sticking out its tongue at me as if to say "yeah, YOU, Mr. 'I-Can't-Keep-My-Posts-On-Topic' it's ALL YOUR FAULT PAM IS ABANDONING US. You, with your 'look at me I'm so surrealist with my desperate whackiness and viola-phobia' well I HOPE YOU"RE HAPPY!"
I should NEVER have posted about Ezy-Bake Ovens. Thus Eris and Bob Dobbs reward the faitthless!


I will be disconsolate until you return.


I will be disconsolate until you return.


I understand, I'm having hard times finding funny online these days myself. And every time someone asks how my life is doing I am all "um, dull."


You caught me with morning tongue! But really, my beancounter, I will miss your blog. It will be here when you are ready!


I'll be waiting! Don't get TOO accustomed to this hiatus thing.


Gosh, you guys. Thanks. I should include you in my thesis acknowledgements page.


Valerie was getting uppity: she was pressuring Eddie to do a cover of the "One Day at a Timw" theme song and, equally bad, she was telling David Lee how many scarves he should wear per show.
It had to be done. I accept full responsibility!!


sue is still disconsolate.

(me, i gots the other venues:)

Viola Vergleich

Thank you for you article, the images and impressions. I´m from Germany and like your style.

Best Regards,
Viola Versicherung

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