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September 03, 2009


Your mother

Please post directions for deep fried ice cream.


We went to the Ventura County Fair and saw the booth for chocolate covered bacon. We were with Jewish friends and stayed away. But every so often I think about it and wonder, "If bacon is so yummy and chocolate is so yummy, wouldn't chocolate covered bacon be pure heaven?"


Chocolate coated bacon (or at least chocolate/bacon candy bars) are DELICIOUS! It shouldn't work but it does. And addictively so!!
How about something VERY California ironic/postmodern: deep-fried tofu (fried, naturally, in 100% extra premium virgin olive oil)!
PS--is it just me, or is there a very bizarre trend in restaurant going where, at particularly upscale eateries, all the ingredients in the dish are presented as though each has their own press agent? Can you just see the free-range chicken preening in front of the mere organicaly fermented goat cheese?


Yes, food with its own press agent! At Sacramento's big food co-op, when you order lunch at the deli you practically need a tour guide.

I've had chocolate-coated bacon. It was good but not orgiastically so. (SP?)

And fried tofu is already done! In fact, I might fry some up tonight now that you've mentioned it.


Well, perhaps I am the only person who thinks there's something "pomo" or "ironic" about deep-fried tofu...But to me, the idea is like "100% safe bungee jumping" or "deep-fried vitamins" (now I bet there's a food rend waiting to happen!).

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