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August 21, 2009


Your mother

And then the school lunch program effed it up for children who lusted after lunch boxes.


We'll draw a veil of family-freindly blog silence over the "Campus Queen" lunchbox (hint: there are more than two people in the picture ad I'm not entirely sure he's actually looking at her) and move on to better candidates. The "over-friendly worm" is pretty gag-inducing, but I think a positive spin could be put on the Disco and Bee-Gees boxes. And, personally, I think the metrics lunchbox has true STYLE! On the other hand, if I were in, say, Columbine Elementarry School I would get very nervous about any kid who showed up with a Rambo lunchbox (because you never know what's "packed" away inside, do you?).


I have known campus queens who were elected the king. Those who were friends laughed at the gullabulls. (Did you get that Bugs Bunny reference?)


What a maroon!


"Sometimes motherhood means sharing inappropriate things off the internet." That made me laugh. Considering, some of the inappropriate things I've seen on the internet have been shown to me by MY kid... and I wonder who supplied him? Hahaha! I love it. :D

And thanks for your comment on my most recent post about being embarrassing. It's nice to know I'm not alone! Hug Bunny for me... but not in public!

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