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August 05, 2009



Strangely, at "traffic extremes" texting would be no problem. One could probably post half of "War and Peace" while stuck in NY/LA rush hour conditions, while, at the same time, how much danger would one incurr texting on a Nebraska backroad at 6 am on Sunday?
It's all the OTHER distribution points which incur lethality: say, Sacramento at 1:30 pm on Wedensday....


Exactly. If we could distribute the rigorousness of traffic conditions along a bell curve, we'd see you're really only in danger from being overly-distracted at the +/-1 standard deviation range. Unfortunately for us urbanites, that's the range we find ourselves in most of the time.

One time I was stuck in traffic - I mean, stopped dead on the freeway - and I read my textbook behind the wheel for about a half hour. It was a surprisingly restful way to study. Too bad it's so tough to replicate the conditions ...

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