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July 11, 2009



Since American art (in its pre-mid 20th C ascendancy period) is a (post 1981) Mt. St. Helens compared to the Everest of Italian art, it's not at all surprising that the engrained use of perspective (which was as natural to Italain art as pasta) should finf its way into the etchings of main street. "Originality" and American art are (almost) mutually exclusive terms well into the 19th century.


Exactly. American hand-drawn postcards obviously have artistic origins dating back to the 15th c. Italy. I was amused by my own ah-ha moment there.


Imagine your "a-ha" moment when you realize that MICHAEL BAY SHOULD BE SHOT.
Or perhaps sent to a film-maker's "re-education" camp for directors who can only blow things up...
If Michael Bay had been a Counter-Reformation artist, he would have been Guido Reni. Maybe.
Actually, no, because if there's one thing (and there are many more than that) which MB lacks, it's a sense of perspective...

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