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July 10, 2009



An open letter to the people of California:

Dear Californians:
I was born in a hospital in Richmond, CA. I attended high school and undergrad school in CA until 1984, when I left for what has now become a likely permanent leave of abscence. I consider CA my home state still. So I have to ask: why, not once but TWICE did you elect a charismatic and COMPLETELY INEXPERIENCED political fraud to the governorship, who then, in both cases, proceeded to run the state into new and unchartedf levels of Hell theat even Dante Alighieri himself would blanch at??
It's not as though experienced politicos haven't done their own version of Shock and Awe on my once garden state (names available on request). But from Day One, Ah-Null and Void, like Ronnie the Killer Jellybean, seems to have aimed, with startling precision, at the worst possible choices as a leader in tought times. And, really, WHO elected this guy? And why? In the words of Sigourney Weaver in "Aliens": "did IQs drop sharply while I was away."
There's a word for what happened. It's happened three times already in this decade in this country: It's called a coup. Look it up. Once in 2000, once in 2004 (really, what happened to the 3 million missing Kerry votes?) and once in CA.
One of the nice things about Free Market economies is that everything becomes a product for sale, including, it seems, democracy itself.
When Edmund Brown stepped down in 1966, CA was equivalent to the sixth wealthiest country in the world. Not just America, the world.
And all that has been now terminated. Ha ha.
I weep for my state. And for you all.


Hey, America accepted Sarah Palin as a VP candidate. Infatuation with star quality isn't just a California thing. I think a genuine desire to see the shape of government changed, combined with somewhat short attention span, drives us to elect populist candidates who might be said to possess more star quality than statesmanship.

And after all, statesmanship isn't always the big solution. What happened with Gray Davis?


my mother absolutely refused to believe that reagan was elected governor. refused. just couldn't go there. then she sold our house and we moved away in 1968 and within a decade none of us could afford go there. this morning i heard on npr that fresno is the most poverty-stricken area in the country, surpassing even new orleans. they grow the produce and ship it all out and when it gets shipped back in they can't afford it and so buy potato chips. ketchup?


This is going to get worse. We are getting over 1 million calls a day at EDD.

Lori in Houston

Thanks for my new work computer screen saver picture!

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