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July 24, 2009



California will be back!


My question for the people in FLA is HOW DID THEY KNOW SHE WAS A PRON STAR?
People in that industry never use their real names; in fact, the only way to know would be to KNOW THE PRODUCT VERY WELL and that raises some interesting questions about the town hierarchy itself. And strangely enough, "recognizing" people from films isn't quite as easy as people think. Some years ago, while watching "Die Hard III" it took me a several minutes to regognize a fellow Yalie whose work (and person) I knew very well.
So the question remains: who in the town watches that many "special" movies thet they're experts on who's who?


These things come out, I suppose. Transparency is a bedrock of local government. OR! Maybe this was part of a larger scandal involving a slush fund in the Mayor's Office!

("... And then she mercifully closed out her blog comment, and everyone was grateful.")


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