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July 23, 2009


your mother

You actually missed one? Must have been lapse of attention.


why does no one speak of snape? what of snape? is snape mia in all but nom de guerre? this would be a misclculation of major proportions, since rickman is almost always the only thing worth watching in whatever he's in.


Snape was in the movie, of course. Living in London with Wormtail apparantly agrees with Snape - he was rocking a new layered haircut, and his customary black outfit was *so* obviously a designer label.


When are people going to learn that when a 700+ page novel gets adapted as part of a major cash cow franchise, pretty much EVERY Bombadil scene and character is going to be MIA/DOA and SOL...
I thought Yate's take on the film was very sober and a bit peculiar; after all this is a franchise about WIZARDS and MAGIC and yet a good deal of the interpersonal stuff could have been Bella and...shudder...Edward. Nonetheless, it achieved what it set out to do, it's clear Yates has a real feel for the world and its characters, it was nicely constructed from moment to moment, and I, for one, cannot wait for the TWO-PART "Hallows" coming to a decade near you.
Now, bring on the next 800 Pound Cinema Gorilla, "Avatar."

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