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May 01, 2009



Let's say Ferris wasn't a minor, m'kay? :D


The TT and speakers were really creative. The TT arm looks like it could play LPs pretty well, but the light weight of the base means lots of noise. The speakers, while loud enough to hear, would sound like CRAP. Great find!


@Wende - if he wasn't a minor there are worse things in store for Ferris! Good thing Jeannie made it impossible for Mr. Rooney to turn him in.

@BB - I didn't credit you with enough of a sense of humor to accept the styrofoam turntable. But wouldn't static electricity be a problem?


YES! Think of Styrofoam pellets used in packing- they practically spark and always stick together. Static electricity has noise and crackle to sound, and is also the Anti-computer incarnate. You can make a PC builder turn white if you open the case ungrounded-just one touch of static to the MB can kill the PC.

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