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April 04, 2009



Food. Let's go! Over the breach!

Your mother

I could email you some virtual food.


We ate. Jo and I led the charge. Have you ever had bacon chocolate? Delicious but not as good as you'd think.


where'd you get bacon chocolate? i nissed the bacon chocolate!


Bacon chocolate seems to me the kind of thing it's more important to try than to appreciate. When you can say you've had it, you've joined the club. You're on the cutting edge of the big bacon meme. The actual enjoyment of same seems incidental. Like caviar or lemon espresso. Or Bikram Yoga.


You are so sweet for linking to my blog post about my thwarted spa day activities with the dogs. And...I am so sad that I missed Woolfcamp. My soul needed it. In ways that a spa day could not even begin to touch.

Maybe next time? I hope so.

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