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March 02, 2009



I've been thinking about this since posting this morning. I actually rarely complain about work. It's still Dream Job after almost 2 years, isn't that twee? But I tell you, I'm pretty bad about complaining in general. So I am going to take the challenge but apply it to places other than work.


I must do you share of complaining about work in addition to my own. My dream job is still a mystery to me, it's nice to know that you have found yours. This gives me hope. I'm going to explore the blog and find ways to apply it to my life and work as well.


You've got me wondering what a scarey picture at the thrift shop looks like.

Empty shelves?
Mercedes in the parking lot?
Lines out the door?


If one can't complain en blogge, then where! OMG! Some of the most entertaining blogging is complaining! Anyway I don't think you complain much anyway.


Could we possibly get camera pics of your father energetically slapping Stanley Drucker around or dressing up as Ted Nugent and shooting off copious rounds of arrows at the CEO of the Selmer corporation?
(Does it get any worse: obscure clarinet-player jokes acessible only by defrocked advocates of Portugese claasical composers and women who sing multiphonically for fun?)


Decided that a 30 day challenge to keep from complaining would be a waste of time. First of all, when I complain, it's only to myself (or you). Secondly, complaining is my way of talking my way through a problem. Or at least blowing off steam. Usually I either accept the crap or come up with a solution of some sort.

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