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March 13, 2009



"Schultz City" ranks right up there with "Jack Chick Cthulu" and the bizarro deconstruction of "Family Circus" our very own Beancounter posted some time ago. True classics (although "Jack Chick Cthulu" wins by an ever-so-slight margin for sheer WTF chutzpah, I can clearly see Charles Schultz's spirit doing spasmodic backflips in the afterlife for the conceptual mayhem wrought to poor Charlie Brown).
Can we get a re-post of "Jack Chick Cthulu" by any chance?


I'm sad to inform you, Chthulu Chick Tract got pulled down and destroyed by the creator because Chick's lawyers threatened him.


What he learned (and told us) is that, if you use someone else's original artwork (i.e. Jack Chick's), you can be sued. But if you create your own original artwork patterned after the stylings of the artist, it's considered parody and you're not in legal trouble.

Now I'm going to be on the lookout for more Chick-styled tracts, just for you sweetie!


A true feast you lay before me. Joy.

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