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March 16, 2009



So how come a "people" like the Swedes drink to an extent that makes the "Irish" look clean and sober but no one does these jokes with characters named Ingmar, Birgit and Jussi? (I have heard from reliable friends about the Swedish propensity to drink themselves into a stupor at the drop of a lutefisk, so this is not merely random quasi-racsist accusation...[My older brother once told me that--based on a number of trips to the land of Volovo--"when you do business with the Swedes, do it in the morning, because by the afternoon they'll be in no shape to form coherent sentences..."])


It says my comment was posted, but I can't see it.


Of course, drinking knows no national boundaries. It's not the fault of the Irish that Swedes don't organize enough to petition for their own American drinking holiday.


Hattie, try again. I will delete any duplicates if they show up later. Obviously, the internet is celebrating St. Patrick's Day early.


OMG, your Pammybean avatar is so CUTE on that thar green river. Off to give it a try!


I put up a Mr. Potatohead and it's posted on that site. Fun. I love your site that guides me to so many fun things to do.


You know, I had an uncle who got himself arrested once for going out on the Chicago River in a canoe and dumping red dye into the water (Vietnam era war protest). The police didn't think the green and red were appropriate for the season.

And as to the Nordic drinking: You gotta do something during those long nights. And the Icelanders -- they're the champs at swillfests.

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