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March 24, 2009



I loved Crouching Tiger and almost hurt myself snorting and rolling my eyes at Titanic. Go figure. (When we finally meet, we'll go out to eat instead of to the movies, 'K?)


So sue me: I loved both.
CT/HD was directed by Ang Lee, who having given the world gay cowboys eating pudding, green monsters with serious anger management issues, super-sexy--if treacherous--WW II messed up politicians, married chefs with tastebud problems and much, much more was a perfect choice to direct an epic of WELL lit night-time battles and pouty martial arts girls looking for the Great Wall version of Mr. Goodbar. (The subplot of the film, involving Michelle Yeoh and Ziyi Zhang's characters was, just in case you didn't notice, DIRECTLY lifted from Jane Austen [pace, Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet--from Nature's Perfect Movie--] in Sense and Sensibility, also--oddly--directed by Mr. Lee.)
And no, Ang Lee is NOT Spike Lee's cousin...(Ironically, both attended NYU's prestigious Film School).


I loved the over the top corniness of Titanic and couldn't see the point of Crouching Tiger at all.
I saw 51 of these. That's only because I've been around so long that it has been hard to avoid seeing movies. I'm not really too crazy about movies in general, although I have my pets.

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