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March 03, 2009



OK, this time I throw up my hands in horror and say "I give in, for Eris's sake go back to blogging about adorable puppies and LOLCat stuff PLEASE..."!
I bet you're the kind of family who doesn't cover up the legs on your piano...


I took this test and now I am haunted by the results. I would freak out if I ever got one of these things.

your mother

Just 12% about the same as getting hit by a flying saucer. It might have been lower if I liked eating burned meat.


20% -- I don't think you're in much danger if you eat medium rare steak; I guess it's the salmon that did me in.

However, I actually inspect the salmon and cook it pretty well. Incidentally, I have found live worms in fresh caught salmon, and they aren't always easy to see. Not too bad to find if you're looking for them. I think being vigilant on that front actually lowers my chances considerably.


OK, I think my appetite just went on permanent unpaid furlough...


I saw this the other day and I have 32% chance. Yay! I win! Heh.

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