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February 23, 2009



Call me "old fashioned" but isn't this how bands and albums are put together these days for real? It would certainly account for why there seems to be no connect anymore between bands and their songs/titles/lyrics or style.
But personlly, I would run out NOW and and buy any album called "Mysteriously Silent On The Subject Of Cheese" 'cause that completely ROCKS. Why haven't you started a band for real. Ask Bunny. I bet she can tap into that all-important non-meh demographic you need to make it big these days.
And your first hit single can be a reamke of any song from the ELP classic "Love Beach."


I would so TOTALLY buy that album.


"Lyudmila Poradnyk"

Facts are the enemy of truth

Hey, that's great! A band named Lyudmila has GOT to be good.

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