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February 13, 2009



I have but one response to that: Feh!
And I KNOW how to pronounce that one, thank you...
Clearly the two of you need much more bling in order to relate to your peeps.


I think 'meh' used to be 'eh', but the internet threw in a letter when we weren't looking. Same thing happened in the case of ZOMG.


That video was cute, but for anyone who's actually LIVED WITH a somewhat-creative 6-year-old, it's pretty much just like daily life.

Living with a somewhat-cool 12-(13?)-year-old sounds like an even more humbling experience.

your mother

And she isn't even a teenager. Just wait til the curse I put on you takes effect.


it wasn't even meh.


Why can't we just say "bland" without ridicule?? My daughter says I use words that are too big- that's a short one!


I had no idea that the socio-politics of teen talk were so intense. Good thing we're not talking about Mutemath vs. Hannah Montana. THAT would really get hardcore!
By the way: the rumors about Rob Pattinson aren't true no matter how many times you read them on the internet!


Oh, come now, Beancounter. You can't tell me that Sony thing I linked to down in the lower right-hand corner of the bird site didn't make you laugh your [expletive deleted] off.

(I've had to make a little attempt at hiding the ball here since I don't want Uncle-'mouse in the dog-house for teaching Bunny those words)


I go to a junior high school. Believe me, after 3rd grade everyone stops censoring kids to prepare them for the nightmares. Eases the pain a little..


I will admit that I am having a harder time finding funny shit to blog about lately. Too much of people moping about how the world is going to hell, I think. Sigh. I'm trying to rebel against that...

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