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February 27, 2009



Who can (or would want to) ever forget the great moment in the first season of "South Park" where Kyle, in trying to get his baby brother Ike to jump out of the UFO where he's been held captive, encourages him by saying "Ike, do your David Caruso impersonation" whereupon baby Ike mumbles "its my turn now" (ostensibly what DC said when he left "New York Law" all those years ago to become a famous film star) and plummets downward to the ground.
How can a mere Jim Carry impersonation ever compete with that?


You don't even watch videos on the internet, so I'm not going to answer that.

I was sure you'd lay huge swaths of Enrico Caruso jokes on me this morning. Wha' happened?


Enrico Caruso wasn't that funny, really. Now Giovanni Martinelli, he was a scream. And Jussi Bjorling was pretty much a laugh riot as well...
Baritones are where the real font of opera humor lies.


You get no argument from me.

I think we're the only ones here anymore.


oh no, you're not!


Not even.


You have inspired me to do a Billy Joel watch. And oh yeah, that Jussi Bjorling. What a card. But for real slapstick humor there's no one like Dietrich Fischer Dieskau.

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