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January 20, 2009



As long as he doesn't play the viola I'm happy.
I wonder if Rick Warren and Joseph Lowery got into a backstage inaugural catfight over whos God was really #1?? And if they did, will there be U Tube footage of it soon?
I kept hoping Dick Cheney would run up to the podium and attack Joe Biden and scream "it's all mine" or something equally headline worthy!


We'll start a rumor. Dick Cheney was forced to agree to cooperate with the inevitable in the days ahead of the inauguration, and he was actually strapped into a wheelchair to prevent his taking a run at the podium.

Naaah. Who would believe that? I heard Tom Brokaw compared Cheney in the wheelchair to Dr. Strangelove. That's the mental image I would like to take away from this morning.

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