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January 15, 2009



Considering all the international rules our "outgoing" Prez has violated, I'm not at all surpised that no one even has commented (so far) that the dessert is to be served with a "California Champagne"!
There's no such thing, or at least there wasn't last time I checked up on wine definitions. A "champagne" can ONLY be called such if has been produced in the Champagne region of France. Anything else is, techincally, a "sparkling wine" (and make no mistake there are some superb sparkling wines from around the globe--and some ROTTEN "champagnes" from France--).
If anyone has a more nuanced definition to offer, please chime in an put me in my place. And call Barack and Michelle to save them any potential huniliation when Rush and Sean inevitably comment on this lasps on the part of the incoming President/non-idiot.


Oh fiddlesticks, I'd completely forgotten about the dinner. Am doing leek & tattie soup for supper while nursing a bad dose of flu and a cough that's loud enough to wake the mutts. But I'm cheering the new first family on from the sidelines while chuckling at your "I got light-headed" line ;-)

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