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January 30, 2009



Since this has all the earmarks of a "I didn't want to go there but I had no choice" post, I can say without hesitation (and w/out fear of impending marriage proposals as well) that I have frequent trouble finding a clean bathroom in my own apartment...
I think the rainbow cake is a little roccoco for my tastes, maybe if it had just two or three colors it would be more immediately appetizing.
I usually rationalize my slobbery by saying "it's a guy thing" but as I know a surprising amount of (even more suprisingly) otherwise "manly" guys who are pretty spick and span I have to honestly say that, basically, it's just about rebelling against my mother (who apparently believed that a "clean" bathroom meant "open-heart surgery w/out antiseptics clean"). Pam can at least tangentailly qualify that a neat and tidy bathroom was a thing of joy for mom. Or perhaps not. Just lie to support me, OK?

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