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January 25, 2009



Don't forget the benefits of red wine!


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your mother

Uh...I forgot what I was going to write...


i'll have to tell my parents to use apple juice more. does apple cider have the same effect? my parents are both seniors. i hope these foods are included in the food stamp program so they can buy all the apple juice and coffee they need to stay as healthy as they can both physically and mentally =)


"Food fight dementia"? I'd say so, given the prices at Safeways these days (we don't have Safeways in NC, we have Harris-Teeter [upscale] and Food Lion [very prole]}!
And Luckys; I'd do anything to see the inside of a Luckys again!
So I say again: NO FOOD FIGHTS, PLEASE! It's crazy to waste good food these days just because you're nostalgic for "Animal House" after 30 years!!
(The author of this mini-tirade wishes to say that he clearly understands that the difference between "food fights dementia" and "food fight dementia"; but he thinks one is funnier than the other!)

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