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November 12, 2008


Your mother

Here's a comment. Please no photos of doggie gingivitis.


Not enough. I need more comments! Or else!


Not the dirty teeth! Anything but the dirty teeth!


You should get the Renay Tankless water heater....


You should listen to Duran Duran over and over again until "Hungry Like The Wolf" has been thoroughly internalized and you can call on it's savage spirit just in time to show the next tardy Sears repair guy just exactly WHO is Boss on your block.
In an emergency, "Union of the Snake" or "Electric Barabarella" will suffice!


Yes! Good idea! THREATS for getting more comments. Off to give that a try...

uneasy rhetoric

In the spirit of Commenters for the Preventing of Pictures of Pooch Plaque (CPPPP), I am commenting. And I am saying that Sears seems to be silly and bureaucratic, hereby proving my point that bureaucracy is not for government alone.

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