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October 07, 2008



i did that on the mandatory test when i went back to college, christmas treed the math section, math i'd never seen before in my life, never took any after junior high, myself, when most of the stuff hadn't been invented yet. not only did i pass, but on the strength of that pass in 1991, i was exempted from having to take the general knowledge test for my teacher certification, which authorized me to teach YOUR CHILDREN, people.

i do, however, know enough to close this awful contraption after only one repeat of its most annoying music. and to come in when it's raining, that's my grandmother talking...


I remember a spatial element to one of the tests I took and how panicked I felt. (In fact, the very IDEA of that game panics me). Later, the school counselor sat me down and said very gently, "You have absolutely....NO....spatial ability. None."

I can't tell you what is upstairs or downstairs from me; can't tell what's north, south, east, west; and FORGET oragami. Never could sew, either, because patterns baffle me. As does the very idea of working on something INSIDE OUT. I'm amazed I can drive a car and not bang into people.


Okay, Pam, I just finished up to and thru 14. I liked 14 okay, but big balls almost drove me out of my mind.

I really need to get some work done now, damn you.

You complete it yet?


Criminy, I just spent god knows how much time playing that dang physics game and while I got through some of them, I'm still not sure I understand what I'm doing. I mean, what's the difference between water rods and wood rods?


The water rods hold wheels together, but objects can pass through the rods. Wooden rods are totally impermeable.

I haven't completed the game. I'm still gearing up (ha-ha) to make a contraption for the Four Balls level.


Pam, I warn you. After 4 balls things really start to get tough (nearly impossible). I'm starting to skip around out of frustration. The tube has me at wits' end.

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