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October 11, 2008


Stephen Rose

Flunked trig & colorblind. :)


I got a 16. Bogus!


Finished the physics game Friday eve. Then spent Saturday looking at other people's designs. Amazing how differently some of the solutions approached the problem.

I'd love to see a version where points were awarded - or budgets debited - for simplicity, speed, recycleability, control, etc.

For example, I saw Back and Forth solved with 5 pieces. Another version solved it without a single wheel. Amazing.

What I really learned from all this is how important it is to have different people approach problems in separate "skunkworks" where ideas can grow (or die) and people don't fall into thinking traps.


Thanks ever so much for helping me get rid of all that time I had this morning.

My results reveal me as a true child of Lake Wobegon: above average, like everyone else.


I got a 3, but I'm blind now. Ouch!

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