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September 30, 2008



By "Keds" you mean, of course, a factory of 12 year-olds in Indonesia, China or India, yes?
"Mommy, are Americans so poor they need to count each and every bean? I'm sure glad the $1.35 I make every day helps buy us so many beans we don't need to count them 'til the end of the month..."
Think globally, act locally: what, is this the freakin Obama for President blog?
(Note: the author of this diatribe wishes to make it known that he fully supports the candidacy of Barack Obama and wants everyone to understand that he just hates hippies, that's all!)


way cool!!

Reverend H.L. Spork

You might as well use your Keds to make a fashion statement, since you can't run in them.


Compared to the weird, wacky, and utterly useless things we have manufactured overseas, I think Keds are at least practical. I doubt if they'll be the symbol of corporate greed that triggers a revolution in Indonesia.

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