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August 04, 2008



I thought it was laid on a bit heavily, but as the movie was very much about the abuse (social, psychological and physical) that Batman endured in order to keeep his Bruce Wayne persona completely hidden (or maybe the reverse of that) I began to feel it was actually necessary for Batman to "hide" himself behind that voice. But it must have been hell for Christain Bale to do that over such a long shoot. No wonder he went wiggy and started attacking relatives!
Oh and by the way: how come John Conner, the son of the very blonde Sarah Conner and the equally blonde Kyle Reece, has been played by a consistent string of dark haired actors (Edward Furlong, Nick Stahl, Christian Bale)? And wouldn't it be cool if, after 2009 and the (hoped for) sucess of T4 that in T5 (which will no doubt be planned the moment it looks like T4 will cross the $100 million bo mark) John Conner's wife os shown having a brief fling with future soldier Kyle Reece. Even Skynet would break down trying to figure out the Freudean ramifications of THAT piece of business!


I think the Clint voice was a misdirection for Bruce Wayne's easily recognizable teeth pattern—I was completely fooled!


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