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August 05, 2008



1049 per what? i believe that's more than i make.


Per month. I'll add the time frame above.


Ever since I moved to California, it's constantly amazed me how our government works. They spend time on things that don't really matter (children must be wrapped in inflated innertubes in a car seat until they are 17 or become grossly obese from eating sugar filled sodas and candy from the school cafeteria vending machine - and cannot pass on the street anyone with a lit cigarette or anyone displaying alcohol of any kind within 600 yards of the car with the child in it - let's keep our kids safe) in the big scheme and don't attend to things that do. Then, they find they've run out of money because they have to pay people to pay attention to the things that don't matter when they should be spending time and money on things that do - like education

your mother

Thanks for the well worded synopsis. I was getting a headache trying to follow it all.

Explain again why Arnold doesn't just waste all those girly men.


Can we have Grey Davis back?


Can we have Grey Davis back?


Shh, shh ... Gray has gone to a happier place. The moon.



Thanks, Pam and Lori. Between the two of you I feel up to date despite my not reading the newspaper in the past couple years. I think you pretty much summarized everything I missed. And why I missed it.


Edmund Brown (who presided over California when it was, essentially, the sixth richest nation IN THE WORLD--ie, 1966--) must surely be supersonically revolving in his grave at the political travesty his incessantly dim-witted sucessors have created. And yes, that includes Ronald Reagan (boy does it ever) and yes especially does it includes Edmund's gone-with-the-flow son Jerry and god-in-heaven-with-all-his-chillun does it include the Duncinator.
We've come a long way, baby. All of it downhill...

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