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August 02, 2008



Today's zombie (MOAB, please--Mobile Ontologically Alternative Being) like today's werewolf (SQLL, please--Sentient Quasi-Lupine Lifeform) has disovered the joys of empowerment and identity politics. The MOAB and SQLL communities reject, fervently, the old, tired stereotypes and calls for a boycott of the perniciously "biased" tests designed--so obviously--by ill-informed individuals outside the community. The ontology mainstreamed should embrace the exciting challenges of our newly and proudly visibly populaces. Instead of chainsaws and shotguns, how about a nice "Brains Buffet" (room-temperature please) or a Full Moon Tea Party (china or Wedgewood, please--no silver). Or a neighborhood-wide boycott of damaging establishment propaganda such as "Shaun of the Dead" or "Skinwalkers"!
No one is so alive as s/he who embraces the undead!


I believe you coined the phrase "my grandmother is ontologically challenged", and I applaud the politically (in)correct analysis.


Omgbbq how many questions does this thing have? I can appreciate the effort but seriously.


Over 50 questions! Finishing the quiz shows the grit and determination you'd need to overcome a zombie attack. I think. BBQ?

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