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July 09, 2008



Oooh, love it! How did you reproduce it in your post?


On PC:
1) Select CTRL + PrintScreen to put a picture of the whole screen on Clipboard. 2) Open Paint. 3) Paste. 4) Use that tool that clips the part of the picture you want. 5) Copy. 6) Open a new Paint file. 7) Paste. 8) Save the clipped picture as a JPG. Whew!


Whew indeed! But I shall try it. Thanks!


Look, don't give Ms. McCaffrey any ideas for another novel...
I've always thought that McCaffrey, Frank Herbert and the guy who wrote those Eris-awful "Shanarrah" novels (BB help me here) should have collaborated on the ultimate mega spinoff book: "Avenging Aromatherapists of Pern And The Bruno Maglis of Shanarrah Go To Dune" (or whatever would encompass all their created worlds). Doesn't matter, it would be pure crap from page One!
And 10 to 1 Duncan Idaho would be in it...


Just to say BIG BIG THANKS for info on how to convert word cloud into JPEG - FANFLIPPINTASTIC!!

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