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July 03, 2008



This is a very accurate picture of what the US really looks like, but they missed the blob in the middle where there are those irrelevant 40-some states and state capitals they keep telling our kids to memorize. Arkansas? Ohio? Kentucky? Whate-ever, Dude.


it's no longer old people in florida, though: it's british (and canadians.)


Painfully true.


I pretty much see it this way myself! (sips coffee...)

Cmdr Sue London

Aw man! This makes me a religious nutball.


I'm coming out of retirement to say, THIS ROCKS. I'm laughing so hard. I may just have to put this on my blog. It will drive the locals MAD!!

Oh, add me to your twitter, OK?? :D I'm not surer how to add you. I'll work on it.


Oh,My. Maryland is not a state of bible bangin' nut jobs. I am afraid we are displaced blue gun slingers and laid off gummint workers.

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