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July 18, 2008



Apparently, one of the "secret infredients" to the Krabby Patty is a lot of plankton. This was discovered by Plankton in one episode,much to his horror. I guess his plans to take over the world stop at cannibalsim...
Who says "dehydrated piazza" is a fictional artifact. Have you ever really tasted Pizza Hut's wares? Do you honestly think "fresh" food tastes like that?
Slurm, Batchelor Chow: as Robo-Patra would say, "Bite my shiny metal asp...!"
And what about Popplers? Who cares if they're made from Omicron Seti 8 larvae? I bet they're DELICIOUS!
Speaking of bad tempered robots, aren't you glad Michael Bay isn't allowed to direct Batman movies?


I heart Dr. Horrible. And Captain Hammer.

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