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July 02, 2008



I think "terrifying" would be more appropriate than "heart-warming"; the logical/biological corollary to the ad should--obviously--be "every bird should get to fly PROVIDED THEY WERE EVOLUTIONARILY DESIGNED TO DO SO IN THE FIRST PLACE...!"
And, sorry, if I won/win a big-donkey lottery, spending money on penguin flybys will be 1009 on my list of 50 things I feel I want/need to do!
But a cute ad despite my carpings!


It was very cute!!!! Like the unashamed cuteness of the Mogway.. but Gremlins are crule cool.


I have to wonder if it's well-done CGI. (If so, it sure is EXTREMELY well-done — I love the penguin's wings flapping). I just think it's very heart-warming from a human standpoint. (And if it's real, hopefully from the birds'!)

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