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July 07, 2008



I went to a Communist Party rally and pro-vegan, anti-meat demonstration. Then we went to a concert by a radical separatist Native American band, who played a GREAT set. All their songs were about how the White Man should quit the US immediately. Afterwards, I gave them all my cash and felt appropriately guilty about the usual DWM issues.
I capped the evening off by logging onto a web site where you can see pics of people improperly folding the Flag. I have never felt less patriotoc in my life!


I had no idea North Carolina was so diverse.

DWM. Divorced White Male?


I'm intrigued by how a shut-in can "come-out" to a block party. It must be different in the 21st century. But now that I think about it we have neighbors who seldom go out in daylight but are always out at night, I guess they'd be semi(demi? hemi?)-shut-ins maybe. It does make you wonder.


I think shut-ins are fascinating. I once saw a greeting card that read, "Happy Birthday to a Shut-In." Would you ever send such a thing to your neighbor?


Yeah, the fact that she socialized with a high degree of success clearly means she's not a real shut-in. Must amend her nickname.

That greeting card sounds a bit mean! But maybe I'm missing the niche marketing genius behind it.


Ah yes, ambrosia: sliced oranges, coconut, sugar. A standard offering at potlucks of the 1950s and 1960s, nearly extinct nowadays.

I was invited to two parties and dodged both, opting instead for a $16-a-ticket offer at a local small theater. Saw an outstanding production of "The Busy World Is Hushed." The house was surprisingly full.


Now I feel just old. When I was a kid in the Southwest, we had fireworks every year. Bottle rockets, roman candles, sparklers, firecrackers, the works. The whole family would spend large amounts of time going through all the possibilities in the store, picking out which package to buy. As long as we had sparklers, I was happy. We would all go into the yard and take turns lighting them. Sometimes I really miss those days.


au contraire! ambrosia is alive and well in the south. it's an absolute staple of christmas menus.


Non block neighbors showed up? Are these people just following the smell of charcoal who just wandered into your yard?
Did you test them for illegal substances?

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