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July 29, 2008



My Rosey-dog does cartwheels for a 15 cent dog bone.


You could bill yourself as "Pam: Pet Empath" and, like a good psychic, you don't have potential clients seek you out, you'd find them forthwith. You'll knock on doors and when the owners open the door you make a wry face and say "I'm sensing a profound ambivalence about your pet and their new sleeping basket" or "I can tell you've recently quarelled about dry versus wet food for dinner..."
Within a year you'd be able to retire to Grass Valley and open up the tattoo parlor we've been discussing for decades (or so it seems).


I'm assuming you read the SN&R a few weeks ago?


No, I didn't. But here it is:


Her answers were precious. Notice she doesn't answer tough questions before the interviewer answers _for her_. Then all she has to do is agree, and she takes all the credit. A real pro.

your mother

Pet psychic always remind me of the comic strip where the dog is playing poker and everyone else folds. He says, "How did they know?" and the tail is wagging wildly.


Wait ... a tattoo parlor? Can I come play?

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