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June 24, 2008



Everyone knows that wildfires are caused by environmentalists...
Or is this part of God's lomg-term punishment for CA because of that whole gay marriage bidness? Wouldn't a major earthquake and a few tsunamis be more direct and a lot more James Dobson-inspired toughlove? I'm sure God has read Dobson and approves of him 100%.
Funny thought: in reading a recent biography of Stalin and the Soviet government, I was astounded how the brutality of the godless communist government so closely resembled the behavior of some kinds of conservative christians: ie, the notion that in order to build a stable, prosperous and "better" society filled with "inproved" people you have to be an absolute SOB and and punish people with a fervor and conviction and thoroughness of reach which can only be considered "religious" in its devoted mania. THere are enemies inside and out, they constantly conspire to corrupt our body politic and must be rooted out by the most seemingly "heartless" methods possible.
Who woulds thunk that the line between Focus on the Family and the Five Year Plan was so thin??

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