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June 26, 2008



Can you buy your hundred dollars worth, get your receipt, and then get back in line to give them another c-note to buy more?

Sheesh, there are too many rules in this world and they all cost so much.

John Hughes

The full fare for a monthly transit pass is $85. If you work for the state, it's $22.

You have to work real hard to make an economic case for using pickup trucks to commute to work.

On the other hand, I'll admit that bus drivers would strenuously object if you attempted to load a half-dozen sheets of plywood on the bus. Trucks do have their place.


A visit from our favorite transitarian! (Spell check hated that word. Snerk! [Also hated "snerk".])

I myself take light-rail to work, most days. And ironically I drive the Camry with good gas mileage. My husband with the F-150 is transit-resistant. But I'm working on him.


sheesh. i have a 50 mile commute and a corolla, which holds 10 gallons, thereabouts. i have been paying around $150 a month for gas, and will be sorely pressed when gas goes up much more. but i can do it. this, on the other hand, would bankrupt me before the school year was out.

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