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June 19, 2008



There's a mid-period X-Files episode where Skinner, having made a devil's bargain with Cancer Man (to, naturally, save Scully from whatever iteration of the mysterious cancer she was suffering from because of her abduction) is sent to do some covert clean-up work for CSM. The climactic part of the show was a group of school kids being attacked by a horde of...you guessed it...killer bees. Watching it, I thought, "well, the Birds and the Bees, how conceptual of Chris Carter..."
By the time I saw The Birds it had lost most of its shock value (and it looks terrible on regular pan and scan TV anyways).
I nominate "Cloverfield" director Matt Reeves for a shining, very digital "reimagining" of The Birds, this time shot entirely from the perspective of the birds themsevles. Throw in Lindsey Lohan getting pecked to death and perhaps Sigourney Weaver screaming "get away from her, you FINCH" and the multiplxes will be jammed!
Isn't it interesting how some towns can become famous or infamous from a movie and others just go on like business as usual? Bodega Bay (CA)and the Maine town which housed "Peyton Place" ended up embracing their cinematic notoriety (though, ironically, both were initially less-than-thrilled to have been subjected to a Hollywood invasion), while Modesto CA ("Water Wealth Contentment Health") seems utterly apathetic that their very own wunderkind George Lucas put them on the map with "American Graffiti." Me personally, I blame Jar-Jar Binks...

uneasy rhetoric

I don't think I really watched The Birds until I was at least 13 or 14. By then I would have been a detached and mildly depressed and angry new teenager, so nothing would have scared me much. Still, it's a great movie to watch and the scenes in the house give me the creeps, even after several watchings.

I also blame Jar-Jar Binks for stealing my eight bucks, hours of my life, crime, and global warming.

Your mother

Actually the Rebecca deMaurier short story scared me more than the movie. At any rate, I've always been careful watching them gather in groups.


Is your mother carefully watching the movie "The Birds" in groups of other people? I prefer to think that she is always carefully watching birds as they gather together in groups, preparing to attack again!


My mother has never trusted large groups of birds since the movie (or the short story, I guess). Neither have I!


Actually Mom, you had told me. But I didn't know it was that movie, and I only did it because it seemed like a particularly good thing to do. Ugh so much ketchup and squawking I physically had a headache for the rest of the day. Curse Dad's surround sound system!


I believe my parents took me to see it in the theatre. I wound up sitting in my father's lap with his hat over my face, so I've never seen the movie. Don't really intend to either. I haven't seen Psycho either.


The name 'Bodega Bay' has haunted me for years. I love how Tippi's hair comes more and more undone as the she gets into more danger.

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