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June 10, 2008



What exactly would a UU superhero stand for? "Truth, justice and the American way" sounds pretty darn patriarchal/reactionary these days, I can't really imagine a vigilante UU superhero a la The Punisher (The Reasonable Discussion And Mediation Between Opposing Viewpoints-Ier?) and let's face it, a rallying cry like "nobody's guilty or even under suspicion" isn't exactly what Stan Lee is thinking of, much less Frank Miller or Bob Burden.
I think UUs would be better off paneling a round-table discussion of "Debating The Necessity of Super-Solutions In A Post-Nihilist World." Vegan treats will be provided, of course.


Yeah, the wiccans get four damn superheros!

You could have "Reasonable Man" who counters every outrageous claim with the formation of a committee. There is no hell! Only hell on earth!


I was thinking more along the lines of Sister Nunchuks of Social Justice and Sister Machete of Universal Literacy!


Now that we've pried into superhero theology, isn't it about time we unlocked the Big Beast and started a serious disucssion of the LIBIDINAL INCLINATIONS of said demographic group.
First nominee:
Galactus: His taste for stylish metallic surfer boys leaves NO DOUBT in my mind how the Devourer of Worlds celebrates Judy Garland's birthday (not to mention his petualnt reaction when aforementioned cosmic beach dude tries to claim his own space). Face it, G, all the metal acoutrements in the universe aren't making you a single bit butcher...

I await further speculation...


I'd rather not. I'm still recovering emotionally from my earlier confession about my feelings for Cate Blanchett in IJ4.

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