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June 30, 2008



We prefer the term "testosterone-challenged pushups" or "estrogen-centered pushups"; but "girly-man pushups" will do if no other nomenclature is available...


I'm in! I'm so in! Except that I can't do lady pushups anymore, thanks to a tumble down a flight of stairs I took last year, a tumble that effectively kissed goodbye my knees-as-fulcrum days. Just by default, I have to do them on my toes, which means it'll take me about 126 weeks to get to 100 pushups. 'Sallright, though. I embrace the pain! Embrace it, I tell you!


Nope. Not biting on this one. I do pushups as part of my regular workout routine. Kicking those out is hard enough. I love reading about the folks doing it, but I ain't gonna be one.

I'll be interested if following your progress, though.

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